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OMC Cobra Shift Cable Tool Set Replacement Adjustment Bellcrank Alignment Tools

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Item Details

  • Proper tool set for replacing and adjusting OMC Shift Cable ( 0985587 / 985587 / 0986654 / 986654 / 0987498 / 987498 / 0987661 / 987661 / Sierra 18-2245-1) 1988-1993 (Clutch dog style)
  • Modeled to the specifications of the original OMC Cobra Sterndrive tools 914017 & 915271, with a few modifications to increase ease-of-use.
  • Basically this set would be used for someone replacing their shift cable to get everything set correctly the first time without any second-guessing or additional measuring.
  • This set replicates the functionality of the tools mentioned in the service manual.
    • 915271 Shift Cable tool
      • 6-1/2" Dimension from the shift pin hole to the indicator arrow
      • 7-9/16" Dimension from the center of the shift pin to the outer edge of the cable brass fitting nut.
    • 914017 OMC Bellcrank Alignment plate
      • Slightly thicker than the original to capture the bell crank entirely.
  • Constructed out extremely durable plastic.
  • Front & rear tabs on the shift tool (to position everything correctly) and stainless steel dowel to center the nut of the shift pin hole. 
  • You will receive both items in the set as pictured.

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0914017 0915271 Shift Cable Replacement Tools Set

3.0L 140hp 4cyl
2.3L 4cyl
4.3L V6
5.0L 305 V8
5.7L 350 Chevy GM V8
5.0L 302 Ford V8
5.8L 351 Ford V8

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